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Here Doctor Dave talks about Screen time versus Outdoor time and the incredible impact both can have on your brain!

Parental grief and the loss of normalcy in post-lock down?

A few weeks back we dropped our grade prep off at school for her first post-COVID-19 day back. What a bizarre scene that was. Kids filing in through separate entrances, hand sanitiser stations at the ready, and those ever caring teachers ushering kids to the classroom while following those important social distancing rules. The kids,…

Managing Uncertainty and Anxiety in Young People

Dr David Collins talks about managing uncertainty and anxiety in young people during and after COVID-19.

What happens after Covid-19?

Dr Dave takes us through the process of re-entering society after COVID-19, including how to safely navigate risk. and avoid fear and anxiety. He talks about how the brain works, including the fear-center of the Amygdala that drives our fight or flight behaviour and the newer (evolutionarily speaking!) motivation-networks (the pre-frontal cortex) that helps us…

Twas the night before school’s back…

Twas the night before school’s back, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except…

Guide to getting kids back to school after the COVID-19 lockdown

It is a familiar scene to most parents – sitting there in the middle of the road waiting for your turn to pull into the school “drop off zone”.

What does your brain need when every day is Groundhog day?

I seem to be the odd one out in my family. So when the lock down measures were announced I thought I’d learn to play the drums.

Worried you’re a negative parent?

Dr Dave Collins on Parenting and Negativity. Here’s what you need to know about negativity vs positivity when it comes to learning and well-being.

How to Socially Distance!

Dr Dave talks about social distancing and the difference between physical and emotional distancing!

Dr Dave on Teenage Decision-Making

What’s the best way to work with your teenager on making the best choices?

Dr Dave on Safety and the Brain

What’s the one need that trumps all others for brain development?

Dr Dave on Resilience and your Kids

Dr Dave talks about the importance of developing resilience for your kids.

Living By Your Values (11 and up)

What’s important to you? Did you know that 45% of people say their new years resolution is to be happier. But is that the right idea?

Be a Memory Maker (8 and up)

Why is your memory relevant throughout your life? Dr Dave shows what we have in common with elephants using a time machine, if only Raf didn’t mix up the coordinates!

Be a Brain Builder (6 and up)

How do you build a healthy brain? Here Dr Dave looks at Emperor Penguins and how young people can choose to be brain builders rather than brain blockers. Grade 1 (5-6 Years).

Listen to Dr Dave’s podcast with The Science of Psychotherapy

Dr Dave sat down with Richard Hill and Matthew Dahlitz, the creators of The Science of Psychotherapy Podcast, to talk about Braingrow and brain health.

Dr Dave discusses screen-time and the brain for Orygen Youth Health.

Orygen is Australia’s peak youth mental health organisation. Click here to Watch Dr David Collins in the Webinar

Dr Dave featured in The Science of Psychotherapy Magazine.

Dr Dave has been featured in the August edition of The Science of Psychotherapy. Click the link below to read what he has to say.