Grade 6 Starter II

Activity Time!

Develop your own graffiti wall. You can do this on a piece of paper or on something private. When you have a negative thought that is harsh to yourself, write it down.

Then make sure you do an action that goes against what your critic is saying. Then make sure you write that action down next to what the critic says. Remember, your actions are more powerful than your thoughts. Make sure you write your actions in bigger font. 

Negative thoughts happen in a network of our brain called the default mode network. When we take positive action we activate our executive network which tends connect to, and quieten down, the negative thoughts in our default mode network. The brain is one big network that talks to itself.

Brain Fact

Learning Intention

  • To learn that we all have an inner critic (the negative voice in our head) and the critic will always be in our mind to some extent;
  • To learn that taking positive action is a great way to make sure the inner critic does not have a say in what direction we take in life.

Success Criteria

  • To name at least one time when your inner critic said something negative to you, but you were able to take a positive action to silence or reduce the inner critic.

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