Grade 5 Starter

Activity Time!

Draw your own safe house like the one in the video. We are focusing on the foundation of the house. The base of safety. When you or someone you know (e.g., in your family) act in a positive way towards another person or people, draw a brick within the base of safety. Make sure you talk to people about building the base so everyone knows what you are trying to build. 

Even at the young age of six months, babies prefer to look at kind faces more than mean faces. Our brains prefer to see the positive.

Brain Fact

Learning Intention

  • To learn that the brain prefers positive events, but it responds very strongly to negative events;
  • To learn that getting in the habit of being positive to people is good for your brain and their brain.

Success Criteria

  • To be able to name two behaviours you have seen other people do that build a base of safety in the brain
  • To be able to name two situations in which you felt safe because of the actions of other people or your own actions.

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