Grade 4 Starter II

Activity Time!

Pick one or more people that you are going to create lots of social super glue with. Pick two actions you are going to take each day that you are with them that will make you a safe and trustworthy person to be around.

These actions could be asking them questions and showing interest in them, helping them when they need it, giving them a smile, saying something nice, or doing a random act of kindness (being kind when they are not even expecting it).

Oxytocin or social super glue reduces our stress because it helps to calm deep brain areas responsible for worry and anxiety (these are called sub-cortical regions). This is because being connected to others makes us feel safe.

Brain Fact

Learning Intention

  • To learn that oxytocin is a chemical that is released when we connect with others;
  • To learn that the way to release oxytocin is to act in safe and trustworthy ways to other people.

Success Criteria

  • To be able to name at least one person that you have acted in a safe and trustworthy way to regularly over the last few weeks. 

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