Grade 4 Starter

Activity Time!

To act in ways that make the people in your life feel safe. It could be

  • The words you say to them;
  • The actions you do to them;
  • If you smile at them;
  • If you share things with them;
  • If you help them.

When you do this you are not just growing your brain, but their brain too. Keep a record of your favourite actions that you have done that make other people feel safe. 

Our brain’s number one need is to feel safe. If we do not feel safe, then the part of our brain responsible for learning at school and life (this is called our pre-frontal cortex) does not get active.

Brain Fact

Learning Intention

  • To learn that the number one need that our brain has is to feel safe;
  • To learn that our actions are the key thing that help other people feel safe.

Success Criteria

  • To be able to name two behaviours that you have done that made someone feel safe.

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