Grade 3 Starter

Activity Time!

Go and teach someone something that you know a lot about. It could be a skill you know or a topic you know a lot about.  It could be a friend or family member. Spend at least 10 minutes teaching them. When you do this you not only create your memories, but you are creating their memories too! These are called shared memories and they stay in both of your brains for life. 

Research shows that one of the best ways to learn something is to teach someone else what you have learned.

Brain Fact

Learning Intention

  • To learn that the memories that we have come from the behaviours that we do (our actions shape who we become);
  • To learn that one of the best ways to create powerful memories is to create them together with other people.

Success Criteria

  • You can name at least one person that you have created a shared memory with;
  • You can write about this memory and how you think it helped you.

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