Grade 2 Starter II

Activity Time!

Your challenge is to be open to trying things (as long as they are safe) you don’t normally try or want to try. It could be anything from helping do jobs around the house, trying a new challenge with your school work, watching a TV show someone else in your family wants to watch but you don’t, or doing something a different way than you usually do it. Draw a small circle on a piece of paper.

Every time you are OPEN to giving something different a go, draw a bigger circle around the circle. For each time you give something a go, draw another around that circle. See how many circles you can get.

The more open you are to having different experiences (they need to be safe!), the more you can connect your brain cells.

Brain Fact

Learning Intention

  • To learn and accept that the world will not always go the way we plan or expect it to;
  • To learn that being open to the world being different to what we expect helps connect our brain cells.

Success Criteria

  • To be able to name at least one occasion where we were open (we gave it a go) to an (safe) experience that we did not expect to happen or plan to happen.

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