Foundation/Grade 1 Starter II

Activity Time!

You can get an adult to help you with this activity. We are learning to give a name to our feelings. We can have feelings like happiness, excitement, anger, sadness, and being scared.

Write down these feelings on a piece of paper. You can even put an emoji next to each one. Put the sheet somewhere that you can see it.

Then over the next few weeks, start to notice which feelings you are having. If you have big feelings like anger, sadness, or fear, remember to RIDE THEM. You can ride them by:

  • CLOSING YOUR EYES and picturing yourself on a wave or skateboard. Keep that picture in your mind and ride it until the feeling goes away;
  • NAME the feeling. It is really great to say out loud what feeling you are having;
  • TALK to someone you know well about what you are feeling. You can just start by saying something like “I feel SAD because I can’t see my friends”.

Our brain will feel lots of different feelings, but none of these feelings will last forever.

Brain Fact

Learning Intention

  • To learn that emotions do not last and that it is OK to feel all different emotions;
  • To learn to wait until our big emotions pass before we make decisions and do actions.

Success Criteria

  • To name 3 different feelings you have had and when they happened;
  • To name one time that you have been able to ride a feeling.

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