Based on the latest neuroscience

The Braingrow program begins at foundation level and carries into secondary school. It focuses on enhancing each student’s capacity at a neural level, the aim being to help develop young people capable of thriving with resilience and an overall sense of well-being.


Our program is based on findings in neurobiological research about how the brain develops, what compromises neural development and how to maximise neural activation from biological, psychological, social, and spiritual perspectives.

The program has a developmental specific, inclusive approach, and runs for six weeks per year across all year levels and is continually revisited throughout the year. Schools that enroll in this program are provided with professional development, materials and  ongoing support.

Teachers run the lessons with their class along with support from student welfare staff. Each lesson is unique and has been carefully developed and tested to address the neurobiological capacity and challenges of specific age groups. As students progress through the years they generate a personalised mental wellness portfolio to capture their progress.



We’re so excited about the difference the program is making for a lot of people, young and old (sorry teachers, we mean mature).
Here are some statistics of our program to date.
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Dr David Collins

Clinical Psychologist

David is a doctoral trained clinical psychologist who has worked with young people for many years. He has worked in a variety of settings, including private practice, public mental health, has been an honorary research fellow with the University of Melbourne, and has been involved in local and international research collaborations developing treatment programs for a range of psychological difficulties.

David has designed and delivered training for Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, which is the peak body of youth mental health in Australia. He also sits on the board of the International Association of Applied Neuroscience. David has delivered keynote addresses across Australia focusing on the developing brain.

He has delivered training for teachers, psychologists, counsellors, parents, and students across Australia in the neuroscience of young brains. David specialises in practical and entertaining workshops that attempt to distill the complex nature of the brain into something immediately understandable and usable.

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Blackbird Digital

Web Specialists

Alongside Dr Dave is a dedicated team of professionals bringing the Braingrow program to life. Ranging from graphic design, video, special fx and website production staff.

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David has presented to audiences across the country, including primary and secondary schools, parent groups, educational institutions, government groups, businesses, and sporting clubs.

Talks range from 1.5 hours through to full day workshops, and include topics such as:
  1. Building resilience in young people: A brain based perspective
  2. Building a brain friendly school: Core strategies
  3. Working with student trauma in schools
  4. What parents need to know about young people and their brains
  5. The social neuroscience of relationships
  6. Building a brain friendly business: Core strategies
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