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Braingrow uses the latest neuroscience research to provide students and parents with a range of tools to improve social, emotional, and educational learning.

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Dr Dave on Teenage Decision-Making

What’s the best way to work with your teenager on making the best choices?

Dr Dave on Safety and the Brain

What’s the one need that trumps all others for brain development?

Dr Dave on Resilience and your Kids

Dr Dave talks about the importance of developing resilience for your kids.

Free Lesson – Living By Your Values

What’s important to you? Did you know that 45% of people say their new years resolution is to be happier. But is that the right idea?
Grade 6 (11-12 years).

Free Lesson – Be a Memory Maker

Why is your memory relevant throughout your life? In this video Dr Dave draws the parallel between elephants and ourselves using a time machine, but somehow Raf get’s the coordinates mixed up!
Grade 2 (6-7 years).

Free Lesson – Be a Brain Builder

How do you build a healthy brain? Here Dr Dave looks at Emperor Penguins and how young people can choose to be brain builders rather than brain blockers.
Grade 1 (5-6 Years).

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